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Reimagining the experience
of digital education.

The education industry has been slow to adopt new technologies and modern techniques that could improve the learning experience for both students and teachers. In 2009, Study Sync set out to change that by creating digital education products that make learning more relevant and approachable for everyone. Their early success led them to create Traverse, a new product covering History, Geography, Social Studies, and Economics.

We worked with Study Sync to build a market-ready product in under a year and a half. We designed everything from the initial brand concepts to the digital product, maps, interactive media, and the textbook that students use in the classroom. We not only created the brand, but we also helped to implement it and evolve it throughout the course of the project. The requirements of the educational industry made this one of the most challenging and rewarding projects to date.


Make learning fun.

In today’s world, students are constantly bombarded with information and digital media. They are used to interacting with content in a variety of ways, from watching videos to playing games. The education industry has been slow to adapt to this new reality, and as a result, many students are disengaged from their coursework.

Our challenge was to create a product that would meet students where they are at, while inspiring them to engage with the material in the same way they do outside of the classroom. We wanted to provide students with the information they need to succeed, in a way that they would actually enjoy learning.


Bring history to life for students.

We created a product that students would actually want to use by making learning more relevant and fun. We used interactive media, videos, and compelling visual designs to engage students and help them connect with the material.

We brought the learning experience to life by leveraging the stories and imagery that exist throughout history. The product we created is a reflection of the past, but also relevant to the modern world. This helps students to reimagine the lessons in the context of their own lives.


Traverse has been adopted in classrooms across the United States.

In less than two years, we designed, developed, and launched a product that will be used in classrooms across the United States as soon as Fall 2023. Our team received positive feedback from both students and teachers during the testing phase, and we are confident that this product will be a valuable resource for learners of all ages.