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Building an identity for one of the world’s largest outdoor brands.

The outdoor industry has undergone a major shift in recent years, becoming more inclusive, approachable, and dedicated to sustainability. Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the largest outdoor brands on earth, has struggled to keep up with these changing demands. In order to maintain its position as a global leader, Dick’s created a new company called Public Lands. The brand is rooted in conservation and designed to provide customers with a hyper-local, community-based retail experience.

Public Lands approached us to create a brand guide that would effectively communicate their mission, expression, and visual identity. We built a comprehensive guidebook covering everything from their brand positioning, messaging, visual identity, to retail activations. This guide has served as a North Star for internal teams and project vendors, helping to inspire and inform their decisions along the way.



Create a guide book that will inspire
teams to do great work.

Our challenge was to create a global outdoor brand that would uphold the values, mission, and purpose of a local outdoor shop. We wanted to create a brand that would do more than just sell consumer goods. We wanted to build a foundation for a trustworthy company that cares about the community and its impact on the environment. We were tasked with creating a comprehensive guidebook that would help teams exceed industry standard and inspire them to do their best work.


We created a simple and modern identity that is flexible enough to work at scale.

The days of outdoor recreation being exclusive to the elite are over. We built a brand that makes the outdoors accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or ability.

Our goal was to create a modern and contemporary brand that would appeal to a wide range of people. We wanted to strike a balance between being stylish and approachable, while also being versatile enough to be used in a wide range of communities.

We created a guide book to inform internal teams, vendors, and key stakeholders about our brand identity and guidelines. This book will help ensure that our brand is consistent across all channels and touch points.


Public Lands made a statement, opening six retail locations across the United States in its first year.

Our guidebook served as a blueprint for internal teams to build out the brand, enabling Public Lands to open six store locations in its first year of business.

More importantly, we have broken down cultural barriers and created a brand that makes everyone feel welcome and inspired to explore the great outdoors.