Alphabet of Waves


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Making a book about the ocean for kids of all ages.

When Rick and Scott started Sea Street Studio, they realized they shared a dream: to make a children’s book about surfing. After talking about it over cold Tecates in Baja, they spent the next six months collaborating on 26 words, from A to Z, to describe the different kinds of waves you can encounter as a surfer. Rick wrote it and drew characters, Scott illustrated waves and designed the layout, and the “Alphabet of Waves” was born.



Create a surf book for kids (and parents).

We were determined to create a book that would capture the imaginations of both children and their surf-loving parents. We wanted the book to be accurate and engaging for the most dedicated surfers, while also being a fun and educational resource for kids of all ages. Our challenge was to design 26 wave types, accompanied by a rhyming definition of what each word means.


We created 26 waves, describing the wide variety of conditions the ocean creates.

From “A-Frames” that look like the first letter alphabet, to famed breaks like J-Bay and Trestles, We created 26 waves that are playfully depicted and described with a wink to make surfy parents smile.

Surfers of all kinds grace the waves, letting kids project themselves into the colorful scenes. The playful writing is filled with inside jokes for the reader as well, providing a little stoke for everyone.

A little scavenger hunt inside the front cover adds an extra layer of fun for kids as they journey through their ABCs.


The book is available in some of the most well-known surf shops in the world.

We self-published the book in the summer of 2022, and it was immediately loved by surfy kids and parents alike. The book is now available in some of the world’s best surf shops and bookstores, including Mollusk, Almond, Bing, Hansen, Valsurf, Cleanline, Seaside Surf, Aloha Xchng, Birdrock, Findings Market, and many more.