Korduroy Designs


Brand Identity
Brand Storytelling
Art Direction

Creating groundswell by crafting a brand from the ground up.

Korduroy is a modern clothing line that celebrates the stories and experiences of adventure. We launched the brand with a single-minded focus: to create products that we would want to wear ourselves.

We created a brand that would allow us to express our passion for design, creativity, and adventure through the products we make. Each item we released was created with a spirit of of meaningful play, creativity and experimentation. 

We were hands-on with every aspect of the brand, from naming it to designing the products, modeling in photoshoots, and hand-shipping every order ourselves. This project was a labor of love and a great excuse to create our own surf brand.



Create meaningful products that embody
the spirit of adventure.

When we set out to create the brand, we wanted to build products that were more meaningful than what was already on the market. We wanted each product to be inspired by a genuine experience, not by the latest trend or the most profitable solution.

Our challenge was to find stories that inspired us and translate them into products that our customers could relate to. We wanted to create products that would evoke emotion and connect with people on a deeper level.


We created products inspired by the people around us.

We designed a series of collections based on the stories that were right in front of us. We produced a line of “cold-water” classics informed by the people and places we met on the North Coast of Oregon in the winter, and a line of lifestyle goods inspired by the North Shore of Oahu in the summer. 

We worked with a close-knit team of friends to bring our vision to life and capture the stories we saw unfolding around us. We were responsible for everything from producing and marketing the goods to directing photoshoots, managing a team of ambassadors, and handling customer service.


We built our own brand from the ground up and gained a deeper understanding of the apparel industry.

As a result of the work, we gained a new understanding for what it takes to build and manage apparel company from scratch. After releasing two successful collections, we decided to pull the plug and focus our efforts on building other brands instead of managing our own. The work proved invaluable for learning about the apparel design process, and gave us a first hand understanding of what it means to run your own brand.