When we know, things flow.

Brand building is art and science, insight and inspiration—our process helps us find the right balance for you and source the right team for the job.

Phase One
Discovery & Positioning

We hang out with you to understand your brand history, values, challenges and goals. We look at the business landscape, your consumer mindset, the competition, and potential threats. Our team will also audit your current brand materials to understand who you are today. From here we begin to create positioning statements and moodboards that will ultimately determine the direction your designs and messaging will go. It’s enlightening, exciting—and most of all fun.

Phase Two
Brand Building

This is where we do our thing. We’ll take everything we learned in discovery and begin applying it to your particular project. Depending on the scope of work, we’ll start with design concepts, look and feel, tone of voice, and content strategy. We will set milestones for various project deliverables and schedule reviews that will guide further work, ensuring we give you powerful creative solutions in the most efficient way possible.

Phase Three
Brand Launch

After final approvals are given (yay!), we’ll hand off files in formats that make integrating your new branding easy. Graphics and brand documents will be organized clearly and instructions will be given on how to navigate and integrate brand elements. Website launches will include testing and CMS training so your team can easily manage content changes moving forward. We’ll never peace-out on you. If additional guidance or brand work is needed, we’ll always be here to help.

We are built to scale


Ala Carte

Need a logo? Look no further. Want an epic tagline? Write on. Our studio is designed to meet you where you are and grow with you, no matter what your scope may be.


Scott & Rick

For smaller companies and brands just getting started, you’ll work directly with the founders, Scott and Rick, to build your identity from the ground up.


Dream Teams

For mid-size and large companies, we’ll tap into our network of award-winning writers, illustrators, developers, directors and photographers to assemble a larger, custom team for your unique goals.