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Creating a brand anthem to celebrate where adventures begin.

How does an underwear brand tell its story without getting into juvenile jokes about a guy’s junk? That was the brief from BN3TH, a company that had recently rebranded their look and feel, but never truly announced it to the world.

Our solution was to create an anthem video showing all aspects of life’s adventures, starting with moments that feel uncomfortable, unsettling, and even a bit apocalyptic. We take on these challenges precisely because they push us to our limits, and without these risks there would be no reward. BN3TH’s product is designed to keep men comfortable where it counts so they can engage in the activities that make them feel most alive.

The film is a montage of raw moments, from pulling on freezing wetsuits at dawn, to a motorcycle breaking down in the desert, to mosh pits, duck dives, cliff jumps and trail runs. The final scene is the most epic move of all—being a dad and passing the love of adventure along to a child.

Central to the success of the film is its soundtrack—an original song by Lucy Martin that we contributed lyrics to. We wrote and creative directed the video as well as the tagline: “It begins with what’s BN3TH.”